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9 August 2019
Diet is an important part of caring for the elderly. Extra care is necessary when the state of health requires a change in diet or consistency of food. WHAT IS DYSPHAGIA? Dysphagia, or swallowing issues, means
30 July 2019
Dysphagia is a frequent complication in cancer of the head and neck. What about other types of cancer? Very little data is available about the prevalence of dysphagia and swallowing difficulties in cancer patients.
26 June 2019
With an ageing population comes more frailty and an increased need for the expertise and infrastructure to deal with it. Here is a roundup of the scientifically proven means to alleviate frailty. Frailty is linked to the
3 June 2019
Malnutrition affects 5 to 10% of elderly people who live at home. This figure is probably underestimated given the huge differences in health of the population not in care. Yet malnutrition increases the risk of
29 April 2019
Maintain physical capabilities require more than 1.2g of proteines/kg/day. For frail elderly people, sufficient protein intake is essential. A team in Toulouse have found that 1.2 grams of protein per kilogramme of body
2 April 2019
Japanese academics believe that the muscles used in swallowing are necessarily affected by undernutrition. This could lead to sarcopenic dysphagia Prevalence of dysphagia due to sarcopenia
26 February 2019
In his work entitled Nutrition Clinique Pratique, Stéphane Schneider examines malnutrition. The book gives us the opportunity to issue a reminder of the key issues relating to the condition. Overview ■  
20 February 2019
“Sarcopenia may incur before or after metabolic dysfunction. In between, the metabolic storm compromises muscle integrity”, said Yves Borie speaking at a nutrition conference in Nice. The muscle feeds the molested body



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