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11 February 2020
When I’m 64...
AGEING WELL 17 DECEMBER 2019 When I’m 64...Great song, right? When you first heard it, 64 probably seemed a long way off. Maybe it still is. But if you’re reading this article, then you’re likely to be
3 February 2020
26 pics to celebrate ageing
Let's sweep away those stereotypes!  Old doesn't have to mean decrepit :)             
26 June 2019
With an ageing population comes more frailty and an increased need for the expertise and infrastructure to deal with it. Here is a roundup of the scientifically proven means to alleviate frailty. Frailty is linked to the
26 February 2019
In his work entitled Nutrition Clinique Pratique, Stéphane Schneider examines malnutrition. The book gives us the opportunity to issue a reminder of the key issues relating to the condition. Overview ■  
18 July 2018
Spring is in the air and temperatures are rising! In a heatwave, we pay particular attention to frail people but we tend to forget the importance of proper hydration the rest of the time. For people who have difficulty in
17 July 2018
Sarcopenia and dependence increase mortality risk. More than age, it is the physical autonomy degree that, associated with sarcopenia precipitates mortality. Sarcopenia is characterized by the progressive loss of
18 June 2018
Mid-term stay: 3–5 weeks Smaller institutions may not employ a speech therapist and the detection of swallowing problems may fall to hospital staff at the point of patient admission. The physiotherapist, dietician
18 June 2018
Recognising the warning signs and taking action to prevent malnutrition. Studies suggest that malnutrition risk factors are multidimensional. These include sociodemographic (e.g. age, gender, living arrangements and



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