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26 June 2017
Finger food is a concept which consists of creating bite-size pieces of food destined to be eaten using hands. Over the last few years, the notion of finger food has been increasingly associated with Alzheimer’s. However
26 June 2017
Nutrisens offers solutions developed specifically to answer the nutritional needs of patients with kidney disease (renal insufficiency). We offer around 10 recipes for dishes specifically conceived for dialyzed patients
2 February 2017
Feel like a cheesecake or a delicious thickened red berries milkshake? The Nutrisens dieticians offer you some ideas to implement new recipes with our products. Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback
2 February 2017
Our dieticians offer you new recipes to implement with our products. Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback! Mushroom omelette See more


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